Protect your children from these detrimental effects!

Good nutrition can powerfully enhance our memory, mood, and behavior in a socially desirable way. Like wise poor nutrition can lead our youth into a world of violence, crime, depression and suicide. By using an impressive array of studies on both juvenile and adult prisoners, Dr. Blaylock demonstrates these principals and outlines specific measures you can take to protect your children from these detrimental effects. Give a listen!

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Chiropractor Testing post

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Audio Test

Most people do not recognize the stress a baby’s spine goes through starting with the birth process, then learning to stand and eventually walk.   These stressors interfere with the system in the body that controls all function and development, the nervous system.  Every little spine deserves a chance.  Click the button below to listen now!

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A depressing Story on Antidepressants

HealthNews of the Month
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Do Antidepressant Drugs Really Work?
“Freedom of Information Act documents show drug companies hid critical findings from doctors and the public.

Eight Biggest Sleep Myths
“It often takes a bad night’s sleep to remember how important it is to have a good night’s sleep.

Treat Osteoarthritis with Exercise
“Osteoarthritis means that you have pain in a joint and your doctor does not know the cause.

Why Eggs And Other Cholesterol-Laden Foods Pose Little Or No Health Risk
“The press and public health community confused consumers with the message that an advisory panel was urging the government to stop warning people off eggs despite high cholesterol content.”