Bye Bye Sinusitis

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Have you ever thought, “I wish I didn’t always have to feel dragged down by sinus congestion.”

RELIEVING news… you do NOT!! Did you know that sinus mucus is a good thing, as long as it’s at normal levels; it’s only when mucus is overproduced, that it’s bad? That’s right!

How is mucus overproduced? Overproduction of mucus and resulting sinusitis are symptoms: the body’s way of telling us something is wrong.

So then… what Is wrong?

A cold begins with STRESS to the body. Stress can be either:
Physical (sitting all day at a desk)
Chemical (trans fats)
Emotional (depression)

Now you may be wondering, “Medicine takes away stress, right?”

WRONG. Ask yourself: Is sinusitis caused by a lack of medicine in the body?

Of course not! Medication temporarily relieves congestion, but does not get rid of the cause. The congestion will return and continue.

What’s the REAL cause of sinusitis? Stress causes the spine to misalign, which stops the nerves from properly controlling the sinus drainage system.

It’s called a subluxation, Sinusitis therefore only develops when the nerves have lost full ability to control the sinuses. Yep, subluxations are a root cause of sinusitis!

Subluxations don’t go away on their own. They remain until they are removed. Symptoms stay and worsen.

How can subluxations be removed? By seeing a chiropractor. Chiropractors know you deserve MORE than just temporary relief. They find and correct the CAUSE, so you can experience lasting relief and live the life you WANT.

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