Asthma Relief

Find Relief for Asthma Symptoms with Your [town] Chiropractor

Dr. Alan Weinstein your West Stockbridge Chiropractor has been helping children and adults get relief from Asthma symptoms for years.  If you or anyone you know is suffering from Asthma cal Dr. Weinstein and find out how to eliminate Asthma naturally.

My son wants to play soccer, but even with his inhaler it’s just not safe. “We have to adapt him to an asthma-safe life.”

Did you know that asthma is NOT a lifetime sentence? That your child CAN play outside, freely just like other kids?  And you can run that 5k you’ve been dreaming about?  Consider including chiropractic in your asthma action plan.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is defined as a “chronic inflammatory disease of the airways.” It can cause:• Shortness of breath• Tightness in the chest• Coughing• Wheezing.

Triggers of asthma include:• A family history of asthma or allergy• Exposure (in infancy) to high levels of antigens in the household (i.e. dustmites)• Exposure to tobacco. Other triggers include: mould, pollen, animal dander, dust mites, food sensitivity, certain drugs, strenuous physical exercise, chemicals, etc.  All of these triggers have a common element: STRESS.

Stress can be either:
• Physical (strenuous physical exercise)
• Chemical (drugs, tobacco, detergents)
• Emotional (depression).

The triggers listed above place stress on the body causing your body to overwork and diminishing your level of health. In other words, stress is what causes you (or your child) to experience asthma symptoms.

Now you may be wondering, “Asthma Medicine takes away stress, right?” WRONG. Ask yourself:  Is asthma caused by a fundamental lack of medicine in the body? Of course not! Medication temporarily covers breathing problems, but does not get rid of the cause. The asthma attacks will only return. 

Find Relief from Asthma with Chiropractic.  What does chiropractic have to do with asthma? The nervous system is protected by the spine, consisting of 24 moveable vertebrae. When the spine is in its proper position, it protects the nerve pathways. But when vertebrae become misaligned, interference to the nerve impulses occurs — which reduces the overall functioning of the nervous system and of the particular organ to which it is assigned. These spinal misalignments are known as “vertebral subluxations.” Chiropractors have never claimed that they can “cure” asthma and other related conditions and not all cases of asthma are caused by spinal stress — but scientific research has demonstrated that correcting subluxations does restore and improve respiratory and immune function, which improves conditions like asthma.

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